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Pioneering a more relaxed pace of life
Klaus Botta came up with the display principle of the UNO wristwatch back in 1986. As later became apparent, he had thus developed the world’s first wristwatch to employ the one-hand principle. The UNO became a bestseller and was heaped with international design awards. Even though the UNO triggered a wave of copycat one-hand watches by other manufacturers, the UNO remains unique and, above all, the original.

The automatic ETA 2824.2 movement is a solid foundation for the UNO one-hand watch. With its 25 ruby bearings, Incabloc shock protection system and a power reserve of up to 40 hours, the movement is robust, long-lasting and well-equipped for everyday use. Our master watchmakers spend several days giving the ETA 2824.2 Standard something it does not come with of its own accord: maximum precision.

Every single calibre is adjusted by hand in six different positions. By the end of this process, the deviation is approx. -0/+15 seconds per day. It then takes roughly two to four months of everyday use for the ETA calibre to settle down. During this time, the deviation changes and becomes slower so that every calibre in a Botta-Design automatic watch will permanently run very evenly and constantly.

The elaborate dial, which is made of brass and features an angled scale ring, ensures very good readability due to the fact that the scaling is brought close to the specially developed hand. This minimizes the risk of telling the wrong time due to parallax effects. The way the hand is joined to the movement is also unusual: the centre of the hand is a closed cylinder that completely covers the otherwise open movement. Its high technical and design standards, and the fact that it is a quality product made in Germany, make this watch stand out among mechanical wristwatches.

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42 mm
9,8 mm
60 g
ETA 2824-2 Swiss Made, individually adjusted by hand
Case material
stainless steel
Glass type
sapphire glass, sapphire glass bottom
Water resistance
finest, vegetable tanned leather wrist strap, double stitched | rubber strap
Special features
one-hand watch, sapphire glass bottom
Country of manufacture
2 years; not applicable to parts subject to wear, or in case of improper use
-7/+7 s per day (when settled down)
from € 690.00
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Case diameter
Strap type
Total price 690.00 € (incl. 19% VAT.) excluding delivery

Inventor of the one-hand watch

In 2011, Botta-Design celebrated the 25th anniversary of the UNO one-hand watch.Just a handful of genuine watch-lovers and industry insiders know that the modern one-hand watch was the brainchild of Königstein designer Klaus Botta. When the diversity of wristwatches and watch hands reached its zenith in the mid-1980s, Klaus Botta felt that the readability of most watches could hardly get any worse. In contrast to the cluttered dials typical of the time, he came up with a novel display principle: similar to the display of a precision measuring instrument, Klaus Botta developed a dial with a specially segmented scale. In combination with a high-precision hand tailored to this scale, the exact time of day is thus shown as a clear measured value – without the need for a minute hand. Klaus Botta met the then owner of the Watchpeople brand at a trade fair, and was able to persuade him of the advantages of his unusual concept of a one-hand watch. The UNO quickly became the best-selling and most successful Watchpeople watch – the one-hand principle was an immediate hit. A few years later Watchpeople was sold, and the rights to the UNO watch were returned to Klaus Botta. The designer decided it was time to sell the wristwatches he designed and developed under his own name. The UNO triggered a wave of copycat one-hand watches by many other manufacturers, a trend which continues to this day. Klaus Botta is proud to develop original designs – such as his 24-hour one-hand watch UNO 24. In a market full of imitations, he consistently relies on innovation to achieve success.

UNO Automatic one-hand watch

The UNO Automatic is available with either a white or a black dial. Furthermore, the technology inside this automatic watch is visible through its sapphire glass base – the complex mechanism of the movement is fascinating. The entire watch is assembled by experienced watchmakers in a traditional workshop in the Black Forest. The high-quality Swiss Made ETA 2824.2 automatic movement is manually set over the course of several days in order to achieve an accuracy of -0/+15 seconds per day. The sophisticated design and “Made in Germany” seal of quality, coupled with the Swiss movement, make the UNO Automatic one-hand watch stand out among mechanical wristwatches.