Get a small look into how we manage our product range visualized by four discontinued models

In the interests of product range maintenance, we sometimes need to discontinue individual models and replace some of them with new and improved ones. This blog post explains the differences between four discontinued models and their revised counterparts.
Only a small quantity of those four models is still available. You still have the opportunity to purchase them as original new products now. In terms of quality, the previous models are identical to their successors. The new models differ from their predecessors mainly in visual details. You may decide for yourself which model you like better.

UNO 24 Quarz 40mm

The UNO 24 Quartz 40mm (currently from €398 instead of €448) clearly shows how subtle changes lead to a visibly new aesthetic. The raised and color-contrasting bezel, together with the four raised appliqués, give the watch a particularly sophisticated aesthetic. Another change lies in the design of the hand with its high-precision, cone-shaped center. The case has also been revised in its subtle details and is now slightly taller. Last but not least, the contrast of the day/night halves of the dial has been significantly increased. In the future, the UNO 24 will be available as a 40mm Automatic version (from €1,740) and a Quartz version of equal size (from €498).
The 45mm models will remain available.

TRES 24 Quarz 40mm

The TRES 24 Quartz 40mm (discontinued version currently available from €398 instead of €448) follows the new design logic of the UNO 24 and now also features a spatially patterned dial. The former white and gray version of this model will be replaced by a new white version with burgundy accents. The new TRES 24 will be available in Automatic(from €1,740) and Quartz (from €498) versions.

TRES 24 Quarz 45mm

The dial and hands of the TRES 24 Quartz 45mm have been drastically reduced in complexity, favoring simplicity. The discontinued model (now starting at €398 instead of €498) has three concentric rings, of which the outer two are labeled.
The successor models manage to convey the same amount of information with fewer digits and significantly less complexity. The C-shaped second indicator emphasizes the calm and clear design of the new TRES 24 Quartz (from €498).

MONDO GMT Quarz 40mm

The MONDO GMT Quartz 40mm (currently from €348 instead of €398) is being discontinued without replacement as part of this product range update. For all lovers of the "world time watch", there will only be the automatic version (from€1,890) set in a 45mm diameter housing. In the new automatic version, launched earlier this year, the dial is designed much more calmly. The simplistic scaling of the new version is thus much clearer than the fine dual scaling of the 40mm version. Together with our new trademarked C-seconds hand, this results in a remarkably calm and neatly arranged design for a GMT watch.

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