Simply Explained: Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice and Equinox

The times of day and the seasons shape the daily lives of humans and animals and are of vital importance for our everyday lives. In spring as well as in the morning everything is on the rise; in autumn or in the evening the retreat begins. On September the 23rd 2019, the astronomical beginning of autumn and equinox, day and night will have the same duration. Klaus Botta has developed his 24-hour clocks UNO 24 and TRES 24 in line with this ideal time state.

24-hour watches show time in the most natural way

"In east, the sun will start the day, then go along the southern way, till it will set in west at night, from north you'll never see its's light." Almost everyone learned this or a similar mnemonic rhyme as a child to remember the path of the sun over the sky during the course of the day.

Just like the day, the UNO 24 or TRES 24 dial has 24 hours and the hour hand follows the course of the sun - in the morning it rises above the horizon, at noon it reaches its zenith and in the evening it descends again. At a single glance, the wearer intuitively grasps the entire day. The meticulously designed scale supports him. Especially with the UNO 24, because only one hand shows the time. The smallest lines on the scale stand for ten minutes. This makes it possible to estimate the time with the UNO 24 to at least five minutes.

24h One-hand watch UNO 24 Animation

Just as the day consists of a light and a dark phase, the dial of BOTTA's 24-hour watches is divided into a light and a dark half. A fine line at midnight also marks the transition from one day to the next. As soon as the hand crosses this line, the date changes and indicates the new day. In combination with three hands, the TRES 24 24-hour watch takes on a technical, instrumental character and becomes a very natural but at the same time very accurate timepiece.

At first glance, a wristwatch with a 24-hour display is rather unfamiliar. "A timepiece with a 24-hour scale and only one hand is the most logical of all watches," says Klaus Botta, owner of BOTTA design and developer of the 24-hour watches UNO 24 and TRES 24. The conventional 12-hour representation is merely an abstraction in favour of (supposedly) more convenient time recording.

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