Give your BOTTA watch an individual character

No accessory shapes the appearance of a wristwatch as much as the watch strap. Accordingly, we also take the design of our bracelets very seriously. Whether leather, metal or rubber, in our range you will only find straps that consistently meet the very high design standards of BOTTA watches. The design of every single BOTTA bracelet offered here is perfectly matched to the brand's typical aesthetics. Depending on the material and design, a bracelet makes a decisive contribution to the effect of the watch.

We have the same high standards in the selection of the basic materials as well as their processing as we do for our watches. In general, all our watch straps are highly skin-friendly, some are even absolutely anti-allergenic. Thus, our watch straps are also a real statement of high standards.

Leather Strap
cow nappa leather | skin-friendly lining leather
Organic Leather Strap
100% chrome-free | certified organic
Saddle Leather Strap
genuine cow leather | natural leather look
Natural Rubber Strap
100 % waterproof | durable
Stainless Steel Link Strap
brushed stainless steel | solid workmanship
Milanese Strap
stainless steel | high wearing comfort