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When we board an aeroplane, we are often travelling not only to another place, but also to a different time. We jump between time zones not only when travelling, however – many people have friends or relatives who live abroad, and our business contacts are often international, too.

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If we wish to contact someone in another time zone, we find ourselves wondering what time it is there – is it early in the morning or late at night?
Will my call prove to be a nuisance, or will it come just in time?
A quick glance at the MONDO provides the answer: it shows the local time zone in the 12-hour format plus another time zone of your choice in the 24-hour format.

While the central 12-hour display uses three hands, the outlying 24-hour display is based on the one-hand principle.

An artificial horizon divides the 24-hour ring into a day half and a night half. The positioning of the 24-hour display at the outermost edge of the dial gives the scale maximum resolution and makes it very easy to read. The delicate hand completes one complete rotation every 24 hours, thus showing clearly how far the day has progressed - and making unwanted wake-up calls a thing of the past. 

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40 mm
7.5 mm
43 g
RONDA 515.24H Swiss Made
Case material
stainless steel
Glass type
sapphire glass with scratchproof antireflective coating on both sides
Water resistance
finest, vegetable tanned leather wrist strap | steel link | rubber strap
Special features
Dual time zone watch
Country of manufacture
2 years; not applicable to parts subject to wear, or in case of improper use
from € 398.00
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Strap type
Total price 398.00 € (incl. 19% VAT.) excluding delivery

MONDO dual time-zone watch

A glance at the MONDO dual time-zone watch is all it takes to check the local time plus the time in another time zone of the wearer’s choice. Botta-Design developed the MONDO time-zone watch to facilitate international communication. Whenever we wish to contact someone in another country, we always find ourselves wondering whether it is early in the morning or late in the evening there, and whether the person we wish to contact is several hours ahead or several hours behind. A dual time-zone watch from Botta-Design reliably indicates how far the day has progressed in another country.

The time-zone watch for time-travellers

The display of this time-zone watch from Klaus Botta is particularly clearly structured; the dial is divided into two separate sections. A 12-hour main display section forms the central part of the watch, using the classic 3-hand system to show the local time. By contrast, the outer section of the MONDO displays the second time zone using the one-hand principle familiar from the UNO 24.

Dual time-zone watch – boundless communication

Time is and remains one of the final boundaries in our modern world. Large countries such as the USA or Australia cover several different time zones – in some cases, time zone lines even run right through major cities. For ease of communication and to allow better coordination of appointments and activities, a time-zone watch is indispensable. Even holidaymakers and business travellers can profit from the MONDO wristwatch, however, as can people with international contacts.

Time-zone watch from designer Klaus Botta

The MONDO was developed by Klaus Botta, the inventor of the modern one-hand watch. Besides its sophisticated display principle, the watch also boasts an impressively flat and high-quality stainless steel case with a striking design. During development of this dual time-zone watch, priority was given to achieving a high-quality feel to the watch and to outstanding technical refinement – including scratch-proof sapphire glass, vegetable-tanned leather strap and the exclusive use of RONDA “Swiss Made” movements.