Service and repair

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Service and repair

Botta-Design watches are extremely reliable and designed to give you pleasure for many years to come. To ensure that this remains the case, our service prices are fair and transparent, and clearly stated before you make your purchase.

All servicing includes new sealing material, a water resistance and an accuracy test.

Prices for quartz models

· Battery replacement: 12.50 euros
· Movement replacement: 62.00 euros
· Intensive cleaning of housing or metal strap: 17.50 euros

Prices for automatic models

· Complete overhaul of movement (movement is dismantled, cleaned and freed of any abrasion, with parts replaced if necessary. Movement is fitted, oiled and adjusted): 98.00 euros
· Complete overhaul of movement (as above) plus intensive cleaning and conditioning of housing: 128.00 euros

Shipping costs Germany-wide 5.00 euros; costs for other countries can be found in our shipping costs table.
Please contact us before sending in your watch to us:

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