Online watch shop

The Botta-Design online shop features a range of high-quality wristwatches, wall clocks, straps and gift vouchers. The wristwatch section is divided into two categories: automatic watches and quartz watches. Among other things, the Botta-Design online watch shop contains the UNO collection of one-hand watches – designed by Klaus Botta back in 1986 – alongside modern and particularly slim watches made of titanium or stainless steel.

Slim watches from Botta-Design

Extremely slim wristwatches use the advantages of quartz technology. As compared to mechanical movements, the ultra-compact design of modern quartz movements takes up far less space. Such slim watches achieve a particularly elegant appearance thanks to their slender dimensions – close-fitting garments such as shirt cuffs slide easily over watches of this type, making them extremely pleasant to wear.

Slim wristwatches of outstanding quality

Slim watches from Botta-Design are light-weight yet robust. Right from the first sketch of the original idea, great care is taken to ensure that these development objectives are achieved: slim wristwatches from Botta-Design are not only designed to be incredibly light and elegant, but also extremely comfortable to wear and highly durable.

Slim gentlemen’s watches

In order to be able to develop sufficiently slim gentlemen’s watches, designers need a very thorough knowledge of the technical structure of watch cases as this is the only way they will be able to achieve a case that makes optimal use of its thickness.

Genuinely slim wristwatches

Watches from Botta-Design are genuinely as slim as their technical specifications claim. Other manufacturers of supposedly slim watches often do not state the height of the watch as a whole – for example ignoring the thickness of the case bottom when indicating the total height.

Lightweight and slim gentlemen’s watches

The slimmest wristwatch in the Botta-Design range is the Helios. Thanks to the specially designed case, the watch appears even slimmer than it actually is: the visible edge of the watch is just under 2.5 mm high – added to this is its incredibly low weight of just 30 g (including leather strap), achieved through the use of titanium. The watch’s total measurable height is a mere 4.9 millimetres. This puts this watch way ahead of the rest of the field, making allegedly slim wristwatches from other manufacturers seem bulky by comparison.

Award-winning slim watches

Botta-Design makes its slim gentlemen’s watches as flat and lightweight as possible – winning the Solus and Helios series models a number of design awards. Besides the RedDot Design Award, the Helios series has for example received the Good Design Award, the IF Design Award and the Spark Design Award, and has also been nominated for Germany’s Federal Product Design Award.

Online watch purchases

Making an online watch purchase from Botta-Design is always a safe bet. A 14-day right of return allows you to view your watch of choice at your leisure at home. You are also welcome to request that more than one watch be sent to you. If a watch fails to live up to your high expectations, simply send it back to us within 14 days – we will refund not only your purchase price in full, but also all shipping costs.