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DUO one-hand watch from Botta-Design
- two hands, two times

The DUO needs only two hands to display two different time zones clearly and distinctly. This is impressive testimony to the revolutionary concept of the watch pioneer Klaus Botta, whose products are simple, logical and intuitive.
Despite presenting two different time zones, the watch is very clearly structured and easy to read. Its fine design lines and subtle typography lend it a technically precise appearance, setting the watch apart in design terms from conventional dual time zone watches. The clear and logical design that is the hallmark of Botta-Design is also recognizable immediately in this model.

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DUO Black-green Black Edition Quartz
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DUO from Botta – the first dual time zone watch
to employ the one-hand principle

Better not only in design, but also in function – this is the DUO’s bold claim in competing against its rivals. The high-precision stainless steel hour hand shows the local time on the outer twelve-hour scale, the display principle here corresponding exactly to that used in the legendary UNO one-hand watch. Because a twelve-hour scale is used, telling the time will be immediately familiar to UNO wearers.

The discreet and smaller black hand with a coloured tip shows the time in a second time zone on the inner 24-hour scale. The advantage of the 24-hour scale is that it is obvious at a glance whether it is currently day or night in the other time zone.

Thanks to the dial being divided into a day half and a night half, the DUO can therefore distinguish for example between 3 pm and 3 am. If a twelve-hour scale were used, the displayed time would be identical.

The DUO was developed for people who are at home in two different worlds, travel frequently for business or pleasure or have a loved one overseas.

Are you thinking about buying a gentlemen’s dual time zone watch in our online shop, but still have some questions? Then give us a call – we will be happy to advise you!

More information about the dual time zone watch

Watches that display two time zones are older than many people think. By the end of the nineteenth century, the first models had already appeared that would display GMT – Greenwich Mean Time – in addition to the local time. GMT is regarded as a universal time upon which all of the world’s time zones are based. It was introduced in 1884 at the International Meridian Conference in Washington, D.C. with the aim of standardizing the time. This is why dual time zone watches are also known to this day as GMT watches. Originally, watches that showed two different times were only able to display the local time plus GMT because the hands were joined together. However, it was not long before wearers were free to choose any second time zone they wished. A watch showing two time zones is of interest to many people: frequent flyers for example can set a dual time zone watch to display the time where they normally live so they always know what time it is at home. A dual time zone watch also makes a lot of sense in countries such as Russia, Australia and the USA that have several different time zones. For anyone who travels a lot for business or pleasure, a dual time zone watch can also be the perfect romantic gift for a loved one. Our gentlemen’s DUO dual time zone watches are exclusively available in our online shop. We are happy to advise you if you have any questions!

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