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MONDO from Botta-Design – the watch for time travellers

Travel a lot? In a long-distance relationship? Family living abroad? The MONDO watch connects people who are far apart. Developed and designed by Klaus Botta, the designer and pioneer of the one-hand wristwatch.
The MONDO is a classic three-hand watch, but with the added bonus of a second time zone. This additional time zone is displayed by a single extra hand on a 24-hour scale, using the same ground-breaking principle as in the UNO 24, a watch with just one hand.

The MONDO is uncluttered, clear and easy to read: it displays the local time zone on a conventional twelve-hour scale, plus one additional time zone of the wearer’s choice on a 24-hour scale.

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MONDO Black Quartz
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MONDO – the ground-breaking
dual time zone watch from Botta

The second time zone is displayed on the slim outer 24-hour scale by a discreet black hand with a coloured tip. The 24-hour scale presents the entire day at a glance and is divided into a day half and a night half. This makes it very easy to distinguish for example between 3 pm and 3 am.

Despite displaying two different time zones, the MONDO is clearly structured and logical in appearance. This is in line with Klaus Botta’s design principles: “Make things simple – leave out anything superfluous – do not simply change, but always improve.”

Wearers of the MONDO will sense the many hundreds of hours that Klaus Botta and his team have invested in the design and development process, creating a dual time zone watch that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional.

If you want an even more “pared-down” design, take a look at the DUO: a dual time zone watch based entirely on the one-hand principle.

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