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One-hand watch – the original from Klaus Botta

Single-hand watches: the advantage of a watch with just one hand

The one-hand watch is the original watch designed by Klaus Botta: it was back in 1986 that he developed the amazingly straightforward one-hand principle. The UNO was the first wristwatch in the modern era to have just one hand. Its huge success triggered a wave of one-hand watches by many other manufacturers. One-hand watches (also called single-hand watches) can help us find our way back to a more relaxed approach to time. They are designed for people who decide for themselves how to arrange their time.

These watches achieve the highest standards, not only in terms of their design, but also in terms of the quality of their materials and workmanship: all watches from Botta-Design are manufactured entirely in Southern Germany and assembled by hand. At the heart of every watch, be it an automatic or quartz model, is always a first-class Swiss-made movement.

Botta-Design’s one-hand watches are exclusively available in our online shop and in selected specialist stores.


How do I read a one-hand watch employing the twelve-hour one-hand principle?

The hand in the UNO one-hand watch is an hour hand and therefore completes one full rotation every twelve hours. The special scale developed by Klaus Botta is subdivided into five-minute increments, allowing you to tell the time to an accuracy of just a few minutes – if you so wish. The philosophy of the UNO one-hand watch is all about simplification, however. Do you really need such exact times as 3.03 pm or 10.39 am in your everyday life? Wouldn’t “just after three” or “twenty to eleven” be entirely sufficient in the huge majority of cases? Once you are ready to embrace this new perception of time, the one-hand principle will allow you to adopt an entirely new and more relaxed attitude to time. Are you thinking about buying a one-hand watch, but still have some questions? Then give us a call!

How do I read a one-hand watch employing the...
How do I read a one-hand watches employing the...

How do I read a one-hand watches employing the 24-hour one-hand principle?

One-hand watch with 24-hour display: the UNO 24 allows the wearer to engage far more consciously with the passing of time – because it presents the entire day at a glance. The hour hand completes one full rotation of the specially developed scale every 24 hours.

As such it imitates the movement of the Earth itself, which likewise achieves one rotation in 24 hours. The smallest marker on the precise scale stands for a ten-minute period, allowing the time to be estimated to an accuracy of at least five minutes. The positioning of the watch hand on the dial corresponds to the course taken by the sun, as seen from the Earth: in the morning, the hand appears above the watch’s artificial horizon, at midday it reaches its zenith and in the evening it sinks back to the horizon. A delicate line at midnight marks the transition from one day to the next. As soon as the hand crosses this line, the date jumps forward to show the new day. What makes one-hand watches with a 24-hour display so fascinating is their ability to present the day in a graphic form that the wearer will understand intuitively.