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We reinvent time

Time is our most valuable asset. This is especially true in our short-lived, thoroughly organized everyday life.
With his watches, Klaus Botta creates an alternative. A statement for calmness.
Thanks to their consistent logic, BOTTA watches enable people to handle their own time with confidence. They encourage us to perceive the moment more consciously. Experience time in new ways - with watches from BOTTA.

BOTTA watches in their clear, unmistakable design focus on the essential. They focus on time. Every BOTTA watch has a strong personality in its own individual way.
What they all have in common is their high design and quality standards. Watches from BOTTA are ambassadors of the values of their wearer.
BOTTA watches in their clear, distinctive design focus on the essentials. They focus on time. Each BOTTA watch has a strong personality in its own individual way. What they all have in common is their high design and quality standards. Wristwatches from BOTTA are ambassadors of the values of their wearer.

Display concepts

We reinvent timeTime is our most valuable asset. This...
BOTTA - German quality products with a Swiss heartFor...

BOTTA - German quality products with a Swiss heart

For over 30 years BOTTA has stood for innovation in product and design. As a result, the BOTTA brand has achieved a special position in the watch market with its watches "Made in Germany". The Königstein location just outside Frankfurt houses the design and development of the watches. In the idyllic surroundings in the immediate vicinity of the Main metropolis, the watches are created with natural display logic in technical perfection.
Unique time displays are the speciality of BOTTA watches. The different time concepts are also reflected in the design of the watches.
The team of product designers and engineers places great importance on all details - from design to material. Only high-quality materials are used for BOTTA watches. The watches are completely assembled in Germany, the movements are 100% "Swiss Made". This makes every BOTTA watch a promise of the highest quality.

Design and aspiration

Complicated is simple - simple is difficult: Klaus Botta has the claim to develop logical products that are intuitive to use. Watches from BOTTA deliberately dispense with superfluous and combine superior functionality with outstanding design.

Exemplary for this is the revolutionary one-hand watch UNO developed by Klaus Botta - the first wristwatch of modern times based on the one-hand principle. It established the tradition of BOTTA to develop unique designer watches with special display principles.

Design and aspiration Complicated is simple - simple is...

Klaus Bottas history of time

The history of BOTTA design is a piece of history of time. In our ever more optimised and increasingly complex everyday life, time is a scarce commodity. In 1986 Klaus Botta set himself the goal of rethinking the perception of time. The product designer developed the UNO, the first one-hand wristwatch of modern times. Its innovative display concept changed the perception of time. Botta's idea to decelerate time with the single-hand watch established an entire sector in the watch market.

At the same time Klaus Botta founded his studio BOTTA design. In addition to always new, groundbreaking watches, Klaus Botta and his team have since then been developing sophisticated products in the high-tech sector alongside the watches of the "BOTTA" brand. Klaus Botta's aim is always to make products more logical, more functional and easier to use. In this way, new, innovative watches and products for tomorrow's world are constantly being created - just like the UNO back then.


Originals from the pioneer of one-hand watches

BOTTA watches have always stood for extraordinary display concepts and pioneering design. Klaus Botta is the inventor of the one-hand wristwatch. In 1986 the UNO was the first wristwatch with only one hand. To this day, the principle of the single-handed watch is an essential part of BOTTA's product range. One-hand watches of the BOTTA brand do without everything unnecessary and concentrate on the important things. Precise like a measuring instrument, they are particularly clear and pleasantly minimalist.

The UNO is a typical representative of the 12-hour single-handed watch category.

BOTTA watches have always stood for extraordinary display concepts...
In the course of time, a number of other...

In the course of time, a number of other BOTTA watches with a formative effect on the entire watch industry were created. In the meantime, BOTTA's portfolio forms a coherent system of different display concepts. These are structured in the BOTTA quadrology. One such model with a special display is the UNO 24, with which BOTTA did pioneering work, just like with the UNO. It was the first one-hand watch with 24-hour display.

Its dial is probably the most natural form of time display. During the 24 hours that the earth needs to rotate on its axis, the hand of the UNO 24 also rotates once around its centre. The dial is divided into a day and a night half. This also corresponds to the natural logic of an earth day.

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There is no such thing as "the best job" but ideally the one that suits you best. A field of activity with which you can identify to a high degree and in which you can make the best use of your talents and skills. Accordingly, we are not looking for "the best employee", but someone who will positively complement our corporate philosophy and our team.

We are pleased to welcome a colleague/employee who, like us, carries out his or her job with commitment and conviction. In return, we offer not only fair pay, but also a democratically constructive working atmosphere and a high personal esteem for each individual. Our recipe for success is: "Fun at work".

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