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CLAVIUS - Analog or Digital?

The Clavius seems to be a hybrid entity. It does not correspond to the usual visual traits of a watch.

Instead of showing ordinary hands, CLAVIUS only reveals their tips at the edge of its dial. This makes displaying time work remarkably well. Especially since the bright green tips clearly distinguish themselves from the black background.

The white second hand is even more unusual. It only shows up in intervals in one of the 57 small windows in the center disk of the watch. It appears to stop briefly for each second that passes. This is repeated exactly 57 times per revolution. Then, after a short pause, the brand name appears out of the black void of the disk. Now, another revolution starts all over again, while the other two hands move slowly in a barely perceivable way. Concentration is key to not forget to actually read the time. That is how fascinating it is to watch the second hand at work. All the more surprising is the fact that the CLAVIUS is an analog watch with a purely mechanical automatic movement.

Despite, or perhaps because of its pictogram-like minimalized display, the Clavius is very easy to read. It is also a communication starter for curious people. In any case, it identifies its wearer as a person with a passion for the extraordinary.

The first-class components and the ease of servicing with threaded case components make the CLAVIUS an exceptionally durable and thus environmentally friendly product. Last but not least, the timelessly logical housing design also plays its part in the overall concept of this unique product.

Symbiosis of craftsmanship and futuristic modernity

The CLAVIUS manages to combine progressive design and classic watchmaking in a fascinating way. The futuristic designer watch with its seemingly digital display is powered by a Swiss Made automatic movement of calibre Sellita SW 200-1 elaboré. The movement impresses with its accuracy, which has been further optimised by our watchmaker, and its proverbial reliability.

The CLAVIUS convinces with its typical BOTTA quality. The top of the tri-titan case is sealed by a double domed and anti-reflective sapphire crystal, wich is particularly scratch-resistant. The bottom glass, also made of sapphire crystal, reveals the beautifully crafted movement with its one of a kind rotor, reflecting the CLAVIUS´ design language.