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Innovative concepts, outstanding design and top quality – that is what distinguishes watches from Botta-Design. Championing a degree of style and sophistication that goes beyond mainstream tastes. At first there was the original, the UNO: the first one-hand wristwatch of the modern era. Designed and developed by Klaus Botta in 1986. Watches from Botta-Design are manufactured entirely by hand in Germany. International success and 58 design awards bear testimony to the design and technical competence of Botta-Design.
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UNO one-hand watch: the original from Klaus Botta

Klaus Botta designed the first one-hand wristwatch of the modern era. Named the UNO, it has long since become a design classic. Over the past 30 years, the watch has been continuously improved in terms of both its design and its quality. Throughout all its evolutionary stages, however, it has remained true to its unique basic principle.

The UNO has never been more contemporary than it is now: in today’s hectic and fast-paced world, characterized as it is by sensory overload, it is the embodiment of simplicity – a product that has been reduced to its bare essentials. Thanks to the one-hand principle, the wearer can adopt a more relaxed approach to the passing of time.

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Uno History

First production model

Designer and pioneer of the one-hand watch: Klaus Botta

Which job best combines such different disciplines as physics, technology, psychology, philosophy, design, social sciences and future research? That is what Klaus Botta asked himself when he graduated with his degree in physics. In his view, the interdisciplinary subject of “product design” offered the perfect symbiosis of all these fields.
And today he remains as enthusiastic about his wide-ranging profession of designer and developer as ever. For Klaus Botta, products need to be logical, make sense and structured as simply as possible. After all, they should make life easier for the user, not more difficult. They should be high quality and long-lasting, in terms of both their material and their design.

Klaus Botta’s original designer watches are exclusively available in our online shop on this website.

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Botta Design Uhr

winner of multiple design awards

No fewer than 60 design awards for Botta-Design bear impressive testimony to the design competence of the Königstein team. What many people do not realize is that Klaus Botta is not only passionate about designer wristwatches, but also runs an internationally-renowned product design and development company. The focus here is on technical products that are likewise characterized – how could it be otherwise – by a clear design and intuitive operation.

As Klaus Botta explains: “Design should support function, not compete with it. Accordingly, functionality is always the starting point for our product design. The product should serve the user, not the other way around.”

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Red Dot Award
iF product Design
Good Design
Focus Open
Botta-Design Einzeiger Uhr

Handcrafted in Germany

Made in Germany – Botta is a watch brand that is designed, developed and manufactured entirely in Germany. Alongside logical design and simplicity of use, Klaus Botta’s exacting quality standards constitute the third element that his watches must fulfil. Designer watches from Botta are extremely long-lasting, in terms of both their design and their quality. Following manual assembly, every single watch undergoes several stages of testing and a number of functional and accuracy checks at the assembly workshop. In Königstein, every designer watch is then subjected to another visual and functional inspection and a second run test lasting at least 48 hours. Mechanical watches are additionally checked for accuracy in several different positions. Only once a watch has successfully passed all these tests and checks will it be shipped out to its new owner. This painstakingly thorough approach to assembly and the complex testing processes explain our very low complaint rate and a customer satisfaction rate of close to 100%.

Quality and service

Wristwatches from Botta are synonymous with uncompromising quality in material and craftsmanship. The statutory warranty period ends after two years – but our after-sales service continues indefinitely. Even once the warranty period has expired, we will repair and service your Botta watch in exactly the same place where it was manufactured – at fair prices.

Our goal is your satisfaction with and enthusiasm for our designer watches. Do you have any questions about technical issues, our online shop or shipment? Then give us a call in Königstein im Taunus:
+49 6174 961188

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