Minimalist Eccentricity

NOVA – the "advanced" One-Hand Watch

While the UNO one-hand watch is all about telling the time as accurately as possible, the NOVA presents the approximate time of day at a glance. Essentially, it features only two display elements: an hour hand and a twelve-hour scale, with no further subdivisions whatsoever.

The NOVA shows the time of day on a much more human scale and intentionally dispenses with any secondary details such as minutes (from the Latin pars minuta prima, meaning first small part) and seconds (pars minuta secunda, the second small part). Like a sundial, the watch hand inches slowly across the dial as the hours pass. If you are ready to embrace this display concept, you will enjoy a new and more primeval experience of the passing of the days and years – but without losing track of time.

NOVA: the most modern and timeless one-hand watch from Botta

As such, the NOVA is obviously not the perfect watch for everyone, nor for every occasion. But for those who have managed to retain a fundamentally liberal attitude to time or who wish to wear a more “relaxed” watch in their free time, it is a wonderful alternative. It may remind some wearers of their childhood days, when periods of time were more important than specific points in time.

The NOVA is also the perfect one-hand watch for ladies with a discerning eye for a sophisticated timepiece.