The BOTTA-Quadrology

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BOTTA watches – more than time display

The BOTTA-Quadrology is a scheme that divides the BOTTA watch range into four logical areas. In the upper half of the grid you will find all single hand watches. In the lower half are the multi-hand watches. On the left side are the watches with 12-hour display, on the right side the ones with 24-hour display. Let yourself be inspired which concept appeals to you most. You are sure to find the watch that suits you and underlines your personality. No matter which BOTTA watch you choose, you will always find an original.

12 hour one-hand wristwatches

The one-hand originals

The very relaxed form of time display. The UNO and NOVA models combine maximum overview with intuitive time representation. For people with an eye for the essentials and a relaxed approach to time.

The one-hand originalsThe very relaxed form of time display....

24 hour one-hand wristwatches

24 hours at a glanceThe UNO 24 represents the entire day...

24 hours at a glance

The UNO24 represents the entire day on the dial. At the same time the hour hand follows the solar course. For people who appreciate the most natural form of time display. Unconventional, but consistently logical.

12 hour multiple-hand wristwatches

Classic display in a modern way

Classic time representation interpreted in a modern way. With the  TRES, the accuracy of the display meets a calm, functional design. For those with a preference for clear thinking and refined details.

Classic time representation interpreted in a modern way. The  MONDO GMT shows your time zone on a 12-hour multi-hand scale. In addition, a second hand shows a second time zone on a 24-hour scale. This way you always keep an eye on the world.

Classic display in a modern wayClassic time representation interpreted...

24 hour multiple-hand wristwatches

24 hours to the secondThe  TRES 24  is unusual...

24 hours to the second

The  TRES 24  is unusual but thoroughly logical. The 24-hour watches for friends of unconventional watches with high quality and design standards

Our 24 hour multiple-hand models