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"Less but better" - Dieter Rams

Focusing means focusing on something important and concentrating your strengths in one direction. This focus is an essential factor in achieving goals, but also in achieving a certain inner peace and satisfaction. Especially in our time, which is characterized by complexity and sensory overload, focusing has an organizing and simplifying meaning.

“Focusing gives stability and security.”

Focusing on something always means leaving out unessential things and simplifying things and processes. The aim here is also to reduce things to the essentials. The design legend Dieter Rams already knew this. His postulate “Less but better” sums it up. However, the second aspect in this quote also has an important meaning: better quality. It also reduces stress and increases self-esteem via the object-human relationship. And even substantially and in the long term.

It is precisely this conscious focus that lies at the core of our philosophy, which is perfectly expressed in our one-hand watches. A single hand and an intuitively readable scale result in a simplified representation of time that gets to the heart of the term FOCUSING.

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Our three focus watches

UNO - The Original

UNO - The Original

Our design classic from 1986, which brought the one-hand principle into modern times.

The UNO shows the time clearly and to the point. Graphically clear and intuitive to read


NOVA - The timespan watch

Time representation on a human scale. The focus here is on orientation rather than accuracy. The luxury of being able to focus on time frames, rather than minutes and seconds.

NOVA - The timespan watch
UNO 24 - The whole day at a glance

UNO 24 - The whole day at a glance

The most logical form of time representation. 24 hours on a full-day scale and an hour hand that tracks the position of the sun. Extraordinary, but consistently logical.

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