Customer experience by Björn Bickelhaupt

Klaus Botta, 07.05.2024

As a lover of the sophisticated time display on the wrist, I am generally well informed about all possible new releases and trends in the world of watches thanks to the variety of media available today. I also like to follow new and established design alternatives to the usual three-handed time display. In this context, I came across the fascinating principle of the one-hand watch some time ago. It is not far from this type of watch to its developer Klaus Botta and his company Botta Design. However, the connection to Botta watches has so far remained rather theoretical.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take part in a meeting of watch enthusiasts at which Botta Design - represented by the Botta couple - was one of the exhibitors. Here I was able to try on Botta's watch models at my leisure and examine them live. I was particularly taken with the “CLAVIUS” model with its very unusual design and way of displaying time. I quickly struck up a conversation with Klaus Botta, during which I decided to take another look at the watches on site at the Botta headquarters in Königstein. Especially, of course, the fantastic “Clavius”.

A few weeks later, I made an uncomplicated appointment with Botta Design.

My first impression after the door opened was: “Wow, what a staircase!”. After climbing the steps into the “hallowed halls”, I received a very warm welcome from the Botta team. Over a delicious espresso, we had an in-depth conversation with Klaus Botta, which naturally revolved mainly around watches, but by no means exclusively...

In fact, when I was asked about my place of residence in combination with my surname and rummaging through my memories, an astonishing connection emerged. In 1988, Klaus Botta was actually hired as a student trainee by my father, who was working in the design department at Adam Opel AG at the time! I was amazed and once again surprised at how small the world can be. Unfortunately, time ran out, and I could have talked for hours...

It was a great, highly recommended visit to Botta Design, which once again encouraged me to seek personal contact with watch manufacturers wherever possible. Especially with the smaller ones, this is usually possible, and it gives you a deeper personal connection to your potential new purchase.

In any case, I have acquired my own personal copy of the extraordinary “Clavius” and will of course enjoy wearing the watch again after this visit to Königstein. After all, it also represents for me - albeit via certain corners - a nice reference to my father. I think he would be proud of his former work-study student, and the watch would be very much to his taste.

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