BOTTA: Watches of a special kind

Dr. Stefan Hencke, 17.07.2017

Pioneer of the modern one-hand watch

Modern, but never fashionable, high-quality, but never ostentatious: this is how the wristwatches of the BOTTA brand present themselves. Each model is characterized by a functional unique selling point.

BOTTA has been developing and designing wristwatches for clients such as Junghans, Bestform and Watch People since 1986. Botta took over the distribution of its own watch collection in 2000. Initially, the watches were sold through the company's own sales agency Helix, and from 2006 onwards directly under the name BOTTA. The brand creates watches that stand out for their restraint. The design language of the watches is puristic, but by no means spartan. Concentration on the essential is the motto. "We live in an age of ever-increasing complexity. The result is an increase in uncertainty and stress. The reduction of complexity creates a feeling of security and calm. Things become clearer."

Based on this insight, Klaus Botta, founder of BOTTA, developed his first one-hand watch with the apt name "UNO" in 1986. The second model with this display principle, the "Solus" model, followed in 2007. Both models are limited to the hour hand. While it completes one rotation in twelve hours, the dial scale allows the time to be read with an accuracy of at least five minutes. Although each watch from BOTTA has its own specific orientation in terms of technology and design, all models are characterized by one thing: a contemporary design concept and sophisticated functionality in terms of wearing comfort and readability. This corresponds to the brand's product philosophy.

Klaus Botta's wristwatches have so far received 30 prestigious design awards in Germany and abroad. Some models are exhibited in the "Museum of Architecture and Design" in Chicago and the "Museum of Applied Arts" in Frankfurt. But design alone does not decide whether or not to buy a watch. The customer is also motivated by the price. The rising costs of materials and high manufacturing costs in Germany are leading to price increases. However, the brand does not want to do without the high quality "made in Germany", as this is precisely what customers have valued for many years.

Now the BOTTA brand is testing a new concept to make prices more attractive, and is taking an unusual approach. The prices will be reduced in a test run for several weeks. If the expected success is achieved, the prices will be maintained until further notice. BOTTA expects this concept to make the watches attractive to a wider range of buyers. Increasing quantities will make production more economical and allow a low purchase price. At the same time, the development of highly interesting new models continues; the new 24-hour single-hand watch, which virtually shows the daily course of the sun, is one of them. It will be interesting to see what else Klaus Botta's innovative team will come up with.

Article by Dr. Stefan Hencke, published in the Goldschmiede Zeitung 11/2010 We would like to thank Dr. Hencke for allowing us to publish the article on our website.

Photos by Klaus Botta

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