BAUHAUS explained - The influence and the consequences

Klaus Botta, 12.03.2024

A comprehensive, complete and at the same time compact summary of all important topics and events: BAUHAUS, its successor institutions and its influence on all of our lives. Klaus Botta, "BAUHAUS grandson" and graduate designer, provides vivid information about the origins of BAUHAUS and its significance for architecture and design in Germany and worldwide.

What exactly does the term BAUHAUS mean? What is the philosophy behind this concept, and what significance does it still have today? How was BAUHAUS founded, and how did it develop from 1919 to 1933? Here you will find all the important information about Germany's first design school.

Here we present important personalities and remarkable products from this era and will also discuss the successor teaching institutions and important designers of the 20th century. For those who want to get a comprehensive and vivid insight into the origin and development of the success factor, "German Design" in 38 minutes.

From minute 29:30 we also discuss the influence of the Bauhaus on the watch industry and the creation of Bauhaus watches.

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