When will the clock change to summer or winter time?

Klaus Botta, 27.03.2021

Twice a year the clocks are changed: On the last Sunday in March one hour forward (changeover to daylight saving time) and on the last Sunday in October one hour back (changeover to winter time/normal time). This means that during the changeover to summer time the night becomes one hour shorter and during the changeover to winter time one hour longer.

The time change has been hotly debated and controversial for many years; in 2019 the EU Parliament voted for its abolition. Until then, clocks and watches, including those of BOTTA, will have to be further changed, because it is still open which countries actually want to abolish the time change and which time will ultimately be retained in each case.

Critics such as the German Society for Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine (DGSM) warn of serious consequences if the once artificially introduced summer time is maintained as the year-round standard. In Russia this has already been tried out and quickly changed again.

Light and darkness influence the inner clock and human well-being. If the natural lighting conditions are taken into account, the winter or normal time is the most favourable for the sleep-wake rhythm and thus also for attention, concentration and balance.

We at BOTTA are also aware of the importance of the simple and natural for the quality of life. With our logical, clear watch designs we make a clear statement against stress and excessive demands, for more calmness, time and satisfaction in everyday life.

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