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The reliable classic - the leather strap

It is the classic among watch straps. Whether in black or in white - simple and elegant, it goes with every BOTTA watch and with every outfit.

The finely grained, cuddly cowhide nappa strap with undyed natural core leather provides a pleasant feel and good skin compatibility. The strap is securely closed by a stainless steel or titanium pin buckle (depending on the case material). Strap quality Made in Germany for watches made in Germany.

The reliable classic - the leather strap It is...
The standard BOTTA leather straps have a three-layer construction....

The standard BOTTA leather straps have a three-layer construction. The core consists of skin-friendly natural leather. The fabric layer above ensures stability and constancy in length of the watch strap. The high quality cover leather with its high-precision workmanship ensures durable quality and noble aesthetics.

Our standard watch strap is available in 18, 20 and 22 mm width.

Measuring the circumference of the wrist to find out the right wristband length for your watch:

Our standard watch straps are designed for an arm circumference of 18–20.5 cm. If you need a longer or shorter strap, you can indicate this during the ordering process in the field "Notes and requests".

The easiest and most precise way to measure the circumference of your wrist is to use a standard tailor’s measuring tape. Loosely place the tape around your wrist at the exact spot where you will be wearing your watch. Tighten the tape to the same fit as you want your watch strap to have. Spread all the fingers of this hand, as this tends to somewhat increase the circumference of the wrist. Then check the metal edge of the tape to read off the circumference in cm.

If you do not happen to have a tailor’s measuring tape to hand, you can also print out a paper measuring tape together with your desired watch from our website. The file can be found towards the bottom of the page that contains the description of the watch in question.

You can then use the paper watch sample to test out whether you like the look of the watch on your wrist and determine whether it is the right size for you. Have fun!

If you should have any further questions, we will be happy to help you in person:
Telephone: +49 6174 961188 ·
E-mail: info@botta-design.de

<h2>Measuring the circumference of the wrist to find out...

Technical data

Strap connection / width 22 mm
Arm circumference (standard) 18 - 20.5 cm
Weight 8.5 g
Material Cattle nappa leather
Colour Black
Buckle Pin buckle (Titanium)
Accessories Exchange tool included
Special features Cowhide leather
Country of manufacture Germany

Please contact us for shorter or longer straps.

Technical data Strap connection / width 22 mm Arm...

Changing the strap of your watch is quite easy. In a few steps, you can give your watch a completely new look. If you know how to do it, you can individualize every look with a matching strap. No matter if leather, rubber, or metal strap - the principle is always the same.

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