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Important information about water resistance‬

Prior to being shipped, every BOTTA wristwatch is tested for a water resistance of 5 bar. The DIN 8310 and ISO 2281 standards contain precise specifications regarding the water resistance claims and testing procedures to be used. According to DIN, describing a watch as being “water resistant to 5 bar” or “5 atm” means that the tested watch is able to withstand a pressure of 5 bar for a limited period of time without water entering it (equivalent to a 50 m column of water bearing down on the watch, or a pressure of 500N, i.e. 50 kg, per square centimetre).

Substantial pressure peaks can occur during movements under water, e.g. swimming or diving. The resulting dynamic pressure can exceed the tested static pressure many times over. Watches with the classification 10 bar / 10 atm or higher can also be worn while swimming.

The watch must undergo regular and above all expert maintenance if their water resistance is to reliably preserved, as water resistance is not a feature that can be guaranteed permanently. The integrated sealing elements suffer wear during daily use and can be damaged by external factors (e.g. if the watch is dropped or the battery is replaced). When a watch is sent in for service, our technicians therefore also test the water resistance of your BOTTA wristwatch and if necessary restore the original resistance level by renewing the sealing elements.

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