Arrival! - How one-hand watches bring tranquility back into the Advent season

Kevin Kremer, 11.12.2020

Advent is the time of contemplation and tranquility - at least that's what people say. Unfortunately, the reality of the pre-Christmas period often looks different. One is on the search for the suitable gifts for the beloved ones, covers the whole house in a Christmas splendor, bakes cookies. At the same time, one starts planning the Christmas holidays in order to arrange all the visits to relatives and friends at home in such a way that no one feels neglected. The results are stress and hectic - and thus the opposite of a contemplative time.

Arrival - also at ourselves

Literally translated, Advent means arrival. Apart from the religious meaning, arrival in today's world also means arriving at friends and family, at our homes, and ultimately at ourselves. But our behavior often has less to do with arrival and much more with escape. While we pretend to arrive, we are somewhere else in our digital world altogether.

A counterpoint in a stressful time

To get back to contemplation and really arrive, one-hand watches are almost predestined. Without a minute or a second hand, they naturally radiate a calmness that is transmitted to their wearer. In this way, one-hand watches can make a significant contribution to relaxation and provide a conscious counterpoint in a stressful time.

What we can learn from ancient times

In ancient times, people had one-hand watches because the construction of a watch with a minute or even a second hand would have been technically too complex. Thus, for several centuries, one-hand watches were the prevailing standard. One has to admit that the need for a more detailed time display was not really recognized.

In today's digitalized age, the opposite, namely absolute precision, is the declared goal. Every second must be utilized, and just as in technology, we are also trying to optimize ourselves further and further, falling into a process of self-optimization that is intended to make us more and more like our digital role models.

A statement for a conscious decision

Back to the historical one-hand watches: These always had a representative meaning for their owner - whether city, church, or private person - and sent out a message about their owner. The same message, albeit with different motives, can also be sent by wearing a one-hand watch. One-hand watches are a statement for the conscious handling of time, a conscious decision for an analog time display, a renunciation of unnecessary complications.

Regardless of which one-hand model you choose: You will perceive your time much more consciously and arrive. And ultimately, that's what this time is all about, isn't it?

Photos by Klaus Botta

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