Statement against stress

Klaus Botta, 07.08.2019

One hand watches from BOTTA help you keep your calm

Those who do not count every second, live more relaxed. That's why one-hand watches are ideal for dealing with time in a relaxed way and for lazing around in the best sense of the word. For coming to rest again, in spite of all the activity, even in stressful everyday life, and for taking it slowly, says Klaus Botta, owner of Botta design and developer of the UNO one-hand watch. With it, he has given form and expression in a particularly elegant and stylish way to the desire for more peace, which is becoming stronger again today and which reaches its peak for some on National Lazy Day on August 10th.

It was clear to the designer at an early stage that apart from a rocket launch or New Year's Eve, i.e. the everyday dates of life, it is hardly ever about the second. If you don't synchronize your life with the second or minute hand and handle your time with confidence, you'll live a more relaxed and easy-going life. As the writer John Steinbeck said: "You lose most of your time trying to gain time".

While time in our modern society feels increasingly accelerated, a one-hand watch is a clear statement against chaos, haste and multitasking. With a little practice, wearers of single-handed watches can also read the time to the minute on the precisely designed dial. This prevents stress and the risk of missing an appointment or a train.

Thanks to the one-hand principle, the time can be read intuitively and more quickly than with any other watch. The reason for this is the absolute reduction of the time display. "It's a great paradox in our modern world: the precise to the second watch makes us slaves of the moment," says Botta. It tempts us to exhaust everything to the last second: deadlines, appointments, connections. The consequences: Stress instead of sovereignty and the need for control instead of calmness. "We have got used to the complicated - and forgotten the simple."

A detailed explanation of the simplified 12-hour one-hand principle can be found at one-hand watch.

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