Try on watches while shopping online

Kevin Kremer, 11.09.2020

Online shopping is enjoying growing popularity, not least because of the sheer endless range of goods on offer and their rapid availability. Once the desired product has been found, however, there is a major problem, especially with clothing and accessories - the question of fit. Every body is different and even the best product photo does not replace the personal impression.

Especially with watches, the absolute size and the perceived size are often very different. Depending on the wrist, a small watch can look unexpectedly large or a large watch unexpectedly small. Which size is the right one cannot be found out with simple measuring. Depending on the design, construction and coloring, even the same watch can appear completely different in different variations.

To solve this problem, we have provided cut-out models on our website for our smaller models in 40 mm as well as our larger models in 44 and 45 mm. To see which model fits your individual wrist best, you can simply print them out, cut them out and try them on directly. All you need is a printer and scissors. You will find the matching model on the respective product pages of our watches as a PDF download.


Photos by Dennis Botta

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