What is expensive - what is cheap?

Klaus Botta, 16.08.2017

The opinion is different in the eye of the beholder

When it comes to our BOTTA watches, they are relatively expensive compared to Far East mass-produced watches, which range in price from five to about 150 euros. Compared to the well-known luxury brands, which cost between 1,500 and 100,000 Euros, our watches are surprisingly inexpensive.

How do such drastic price differences come up?

The cheap watches mentioned above are so cheap because the mass production is carried out under unimaginable production and working conditions and using inferior materials. Instead of an innovative design concept, the focus is usually only on copying what already exists or recycling what is left over. Mass instead of class. Character and value play a subordinate role. The price dominates - at best a certain "me-too" thinking.

The pricing system for luxury brands is completely different. The high price level results from the development and assembly, which is mainly based in Central Europe. Components, craftsmanship and service are also on a much higher level. Especially the very expensive brands often have specially developed and handmade movements. This is reflected above all in the production costs. A further reason is the cost of complex marketing measures, which should not be underestimated, because the noble status wants to be permanently maintained and cared for.

We at BOTTA design have a different emphasis on the individual areas. We develop and produce with the standards of the high-end brands. The development, components and craftsmanship of our watches are also first-class. For example, our double-curved sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating on both sides corresponds to 20 to 30 times that of a complete Far East low-cost watch! In addition, our parts suppliers are in most cases the same as those who supply the luxury brands.

We proudly afford the production location Germany

All design relevant parts are manufactured according to our sketches and assembled by hand to complete watches. Only the movements are purchased from Switzerland as finished assemblies. This is of course considerably more expensive than mass production in the Far East, but it is indispensable for us. Only in permanent dialogue with our local manufacturers are we able to realize the fulfillment of our extraordinarily demanding design and quality specifications. This also corresponds to our idea of customer service, which, as experience shows, can only be implemented with partners in Germany.

We are a company that focuses on the essentials, with a love of detail and a very personal service. The focus is primarily on development, components, production and service. Our quantities are modest, partly limited.

"Our customers receive truly exceptional watches with superior design and premium quality at an excellent price."

Values such as individuality, authenticity, originality and quality are more important to our customers than owning a traditional luxury brand or a particularly low price.

Ultimately, it is a question of personal aspiration what value is attached to the products with which one surrounds oneself every day. However, every watch owner should always be aware that the watch says much more about its wearer than one might generally expect.

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