Watches as a gift

Kevin Kremer, 02.02.2022

More than a watch - a whole lifestyle

A watch is always a very special gift, because if you want to gift a watch, you have to know your counterpart well. Every wristwatch reflects its wearer and his or her attitude and values, our watches in particular. BOTTA watches have unique display concepts. This makes them - in contrast to many other gifts that are quickly forgotten - a truly personal gift. A watch is always on the wrist of its wearer and thus permanently in his or her sight. It does not fall into oblivion or disappear into a drawer but is a lasting memory of a special moment and a special person - the gift-giver. Our watches are characterized not least by their high quality, which also expresses the appreciation of the person receiving the gift.

The question often arises what to gift to someone who already has everything and could buy everything else oneself. Those same people are glad about gifts that stand out from the crowd. But there is much more at stake than just the material value of the gift. With a BOTTA watch, especially a one-hand watch, you can give a gift of an attitude to life. Everyday stress and deadline pressure often make people forget what is really important in life: to consciously perceive and enjoy time. You can give this serenity to your loved ones - and thus much more than just a beautiful watch.

Make a gift of memories

The occasion for the gift is often a special date such as a birthday, anniversary, jubilee, engagement or graduation. For those special occasions and special people, we have the perfect gift to make this day unforgettable. Not least because of the cult series Sex and the City, the individually engraved watch (there with the text "Me and you, just us two") has become the epitome of a lifelong bond. The high longevity is a feature of our watches. Especially our automatic watches last a lifetime and longer if they are handled carefully and regularly revised - a lovely metaphor in this context.

Watch as present engraving

When replacing batteries or during customer service, our clients often tell us about their special bond with their watch which they often received as a gift on a special occasion or gave away themselves. A Swedish customer who owns one of the very early examples of the UNO from the 1990s and is an admirer of the first hour, expressed his special relationship with the one-hand principle when buying his UNO anniversary watch. He celebrated his very own anniversary - and by purchasing an anniversary watch for his wife, he has passed on this attitude to others. You can't stop time, but you can set memorial points that remain unforgotten and thus consciously deal with time.

With individual advice to the perfect gift

If you are unsure, we will be delighted to assist you in choosing a suitable watch: we are always at your side and will advise you individually - just give us a call. You always enjoy 30 days right of return. For purchases in the pre-Christmas period (from mid-October) you have an extended right of return until January 31st. Should your loved ones prefer a different watch or color variant, we will exchange it unbureaucratically. If the presentee still cannot find anything suitable in our assortment, you will of course receive a refund of the purchase price. The shipping costs are also covered by us. Therefore, you do not take any risk.

Relaxed gift-giving - personally or directly to the receiver

Furthermore, we offer you a comprehensive service beyond the watch purchase. To save you the trouble of wrapping your watch, you can add our gift wrapping to your shopping cart for a small extra charge. We will wrap your gift in the typical BOTTA style in a high quality and sustainable way. So all you have to do is to order and you can either send the gift directly to the recipient or hand it over personally. Without any effort, you will receive a unique gift and even as a latecomer you can easily give your loved ones a great and above all lasting pleasure.

Let our gift ideas inspire you: Gift the conscious use of time.

Photos by Klaus Botta

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