February 18: Battery Day

Christian Bax, 17.02.2021

Quartz watches - battery-powered marvels

On February 18, 1745, the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta was born. He is considered the inventor of the galvanic element. Several galvanic elements connected in series are referred to as an "electric battery". In the meantime, the battery concept has expanded somewhat. Single-cell elements, such as the typical 1.5 V cell, are also colloquially referred to as a battery. These compact sources of electrical energy have changed our lives forever, because since then we can simply take electricity with us - a huge plus in flexibility and convenience.

To honor Volta's electrifying invention, February 18 has been designated "Battery Day."

For us at BOTTA, this special commemorative day is an occasion to highlight our quartz watches. After all, because they are battery-powered, quartz watches offer a whole range of benefits.

What is a quartz watch?

A quartz watch is powered by an electric movement that is precisely controlled by an oscillating quartz. This principle was first developed in 1927 by Canadian-American inventor Warren Alvin Marrison at Bell Laboratories in New York and presented to the public at a technical conference. Thanks to the electronic timekeeping principle, quartz watches are more accurate than mechanical watches and impress with their robustness and simplicity. Unlike mechanical watches, they do not have to be wound by hand. In modern quartz watches, a tiny button cell provides the energy for the movement. The life of such a mini-battery is about 2-4 years. As soon as the battery is used up, it must be replaced.

Quartz watches are particularly easy to care for. Apart from battery replacement with water tightness test, usually no further service of the watch is necessary. A quartz watch with high-quality components is a permanently reliable companion on the wrist. With good care and regular watch service (included in the battery change at BOTTA), the quality of a quartz watch will last for many years.

The right service for your BOTTA quartz watch

As soon as the battery of your quartz watch is exhausted, you should have the battery change performed by qualified personnel, otherwise the watch can be quickly damaged by using the wrong tools or improper handling. We strongly recommend that you have your battery replaced directly at BOTTA or at least by a qualified watchmaker. At BOTTA, we not only replace the battery, but also check the appearance and functionality of the entire watch. In addition, we also test the water resistance during each procedure and replace the seals if necessary. If you wish, we can also replace a worn bracelet at a special price.

To perform a service, please send us your watch including the completed repair form by mail.

After purchasing the watch, we offer a warranty of 2 years on your watch (excluding wear parts such as straps). Should a battery change become necessary during this time, this is also covered by our warranty. To maintain this entitlement, the watch may only be opened by BOTTA during this time. Otherwise the warranty claim will expire.

For more information about BOTTA's service and to download the BOTTA repair form, please visit our service area.

We will also be happy to help you personally. Simply contact us by phone or e-mail. We will help you quickly and unbureaucratically.

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