UNO Quartz 44mm Clips

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  • ✓ The original by Klaus Botta
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$538.00 incl. VAT
  • ✓ Free and fast shipping
  • ✓ German production and service
  • ✓ 99.4% positive customer reviews
  • ✓ The original by Klaus Botta
Shipping time: 1-2 days (for national shipping)



UNO Quartz 44 mm from BOTTA

The UNO Quartz wrist watch as 44 mm version of the UNO series featuring a high quality swiss quartz movement. Its improved one-hand display principle is still the same as the one used in the original UNO one-hand watch invented by Klaus Botta in 1986.

The UNO 44mm Quartz is also available without a date display. (Please specify at checkout)

The design of the display

The demonstratively generous dial of the UNO Quartz takes up almost the entire visible watch face. The precise resolution of the scale, which has been extended right out to the edge of the dial, thereby achieves even better readability. A clear explanation of the one-hand watch principle can be found here.

UNO Quartz 44 mm from BOTTA The UNO Quartz...


Easily comprehensible step-by-step instructions showing how to correctly set your Botta wristwatch can be downloaded here. Depending on the particular functions of your watch, the setting options will differ in some cases considerably. You will always find the instructions for your individual model in the section entitled “How to set your watch correctly”. If you still find you have some questions, please do not hesitate to call us directly.

Download pdf instruction
The UNO one-hand display The UNO 12-hour one-hand watch...

The UNO one-hand display

The UNO 12-hour one-hand watch is probably the simplest form of time display.
The one-hand display of the UNO works basically similar to a conventional 12-hour three-hand watch.The precise UNO hand displays hours and minutes. Its dial is adapted to the way we communicate time. Speaking of "half hours" and "quarter hours".

The UNO dial consists of strokes with various lengths. The long lines indicate hours, the medium-length lines represent half hours, the slightly shorter lines represent 15 minutes, and the short lines represent 5 minutes. Thanks to its logical dial, the UNO manages to display the time precisely and simultaneously in a pleasantly reduced manner. As a result, it conveys a relaxed approach to time.

The case design: a symbiosis of design and function

The UNO Quartz from BOTTA is the UNO classic – brought to perfection. By increasing the diameter of the watch to 44 mm and creating a slimmer case edge, this version in particular has an even more generous yet flatter appearance.

Good design is about more than merely aesthetics. Apart from the sophisticated display, this is also evident in the newly designed underside of the case. The strap lugs are concealed beneath the dial to save space. Despite its diameter of 44 mm, the UNO Quartz can therefore also be worn on relatively slim wrists.

The sloped sides of the underside of the case allow the wrist much more freedom of movement, while at the same time enabling the air to circulate better. The unusual way in which the underside is designed makes this one-hand watch – which at 6.2 mm is already very slim – appear even flatter.

The dual-domed sapphire glass rounds off the elegant lines of this watch. Anti-reflective coating on both sides gives a much clearer view and adds a refined bluish shimmer to the significantly reduced glass reflections.

The movement: high-quality, accurate and absolutely reliable The quartz...

The movement: high-quality, accurate and absolutely reliable

The quartz version of the UNO one-hand watch from BOTTA design is driven by a Swiss-made Ronda quartz movement. Unlike the much cheaper “Swiss-parts” movements, the components in this movement are manufactured and assembled entirely in Switzerland.

The original Ronda movement ensures that the UNO Quartz will run smoothly and precisely for many years, which reflects the BOTTA principle of technical and design durability in its German-made watches.

Watch straps

No accessory influences the style of a watch as significantly as its strap. Whether elegant Milanese strap, sporty rubber strap or classic leather strap – we have the same high standards of design and quality for all our straps as for our watches themselves.

Discover the fine selection of high-quality BOTTA straps and give your watch a very individual character.

Watch straps No accessory influences the style of a...

Technical data

Diameter 44 mm
Height 6.2 mm
Weight 61,5 g
Movement Quartz, RONDA 704 Swiss-made, battery type 371
Date Yes
Case material Stainless steel
Glass type Double domed sapphire crystal with double scratch resistant anti-reflection coating
Water resistance 5 ATM
Strap finest, vegetable tanned leather wrist strap | rubber strap | steel link | milanaise strap | saddle leather strap
Special features One-hand watch with date (also available without date by request)
Country of manufacture Germany
Warranty Two years, excluding wear parts and improper handling

Print out your own model

You can download a realistic cut-out model of this watch in PDF format here and print it out. You can then cut out the 1:1 paper model and place it on your wrist like a real watch. The model will give you a realistic impression of the size of the watch and how it will look on your wrist. For best results, use a good-quality colour printer and stable glossy paper. Enjoy trying on the “watch”!

To paper model

Print out your own modelYou can download a realistic...


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