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The philosophy of Klaus Botta

Complicated is easy – easy is difficult: Klaus Botta’s goal is always to develop logical products that can be operated intuitively. He intentionally dispenses with any superfluous elements, and pairs superior functionality with outstanding design. The prime example of this is the revolutionary UNO one-hand watch developed by Klaus Botta – the first wristwatch in the modern era to employ the one-hand principle. For this and a number of other products, the industrial designer has so far won 60 national and international awards. There is one key question that Klaus Botta always asks at the start of each development process: What if the product had never existed? Taking the example of a watch, this would mean that the most logical kind of watch would be one with just a single hand and a 24-hour scale. The one-hand principle simplifies the way time is presented and read.

UNO 24 Botta Design

The 24-hour display reflects the natural passing of a day. This principle was realized in the UNO 24 one-hand watch from Botta-Design. Watches are only one part of Botta’s design work, however. An industrial designer with a wide range of interests, Klaus Botta is passionate about physics, technology, social science, sport and philosophy, to name but a few. All of these areas have a bearing on the philosophy upheld by Klaus Botta and his firm.

For Klaus Botta, the first step in the design process involves understanding the client’s needs, understanding the product and defining the goal. Following many hours of intense dialogue with the client, the next phase involves rethinking the process from scratch: Why does this product exist? What is its function? How can it be optimized? And how can this be conveyed intuitively to the person who will ultimately buy the product? The philosophy of Klaus Botta’s work is not only expressed in his absolute insistence on the highest quality materials and workmanship. Products from Botta-Design are not created to reflect trends or moments in time, but are oriented clearly towards the future and designed to last.

Klaus Botta – founder of

1986 was a formative year for Klaus Botta: for one thing, it was in 1986 that Klaus Botta established his own design agency. And for another, this was the year in which he designed and developed the UNO, the first one-hand wristwatch of the modern era. Since then, his agency has won no fewer than 60 national and international design awards.
Klaus Botta initially studied technical physics at the University of Bayreuth before embarking on a degree in product and industrial design at Offenbach University of Art and Design (HFG). While still at university, he completed internships at companies such as Adam Opel AG and Albrecht Graf von Goertz, the designer of the legendary BMW 507.

"Design means making products better, more usable and more logical"

Klaus Botta

Klaus Botta’s goal was always to make products better, more functional and more simple – improving their ease of use and dispensing with any superfluous elements. He wanted not only to make things different, but also to drive them forward in a meaningful way.
All of this is obvious to the observer in the products he has designed, from the UNO one-hand watch and the Solar1, the first solar wristwatch from Junghans, to the hi-fi system he developed while still at university and which was exhibited at the 1990 IFA consumer electronics trade show in Berlin.

Among Klaus Botta’s customers are not only Grundig and VW, but also Siemens. Botta sees himself as a “futurologist”, as someone who remains constantly inquisitive and designs products which will be around for long into the future.
Besides being fascinated by physics, technology, design and people, Klaus Botta also has a whole host of other interests, which include sport, travel, photography, psychology and philosophy. Klaus Botta is married and has two children.

Botta-Design Produkte

The history of Botta-Design: watches and technical products

The founder of Botta-Design, Klaus Botta is the inventor and pioneer of the modern one-hand wristwatch. His UNO watch has gone down in design and watch-making history. To this day, the one-hand watch principle remains an important part of the Botta-Design product range, a brand which is synonymous with innovation, functionality and quality in watches.

Although not everyone knows this, Botta-Design is also an industrial design agency, developing products for global companies such as Grundig, Volkswagen and Siemens.

Botta Design Geschichte

Ever since it was founded in 1986, however, Botta-Design has also designed and developed wristwatches, initially for clients such as Junghans AG, Bestform and Watch People. It was during this time that design classics like the Junghans-Solar-1, UNO, TRES series and other models – some of which are still enjoying market success even today – were created.

2000, Botta-Design began marketing and selling its watch collections itself, and has been steadily expanding its range ever since.

Botta-Design collects design awards

So far, Botta-Design has won 61 design awards of national and international renown. Many models have become design classics and have been included in the collections of various design and architecture museums, both in Germany and abroad.

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