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NOVA plus Automatic Carbon from BOTTA

The NOVA plus Carbon features a display comprising two elements: a scale divided into twelve segments and an hour hand. It intentionally dispenses with any further subdivisions. While the hour hand inches its way across the dial, at a speed not perceptible to the human eye, it uses the twelve segments one by one to give a graphic indication of the current hour.

Focusing on periods of time – not specific points in time

Like an hourglass, the NOVA plus Carbon from BOTTA design presents the passing of a defined period of time – in this case one hour – rather than the many small intervals that happen in the meantime.

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The one-hand watch for “advanced users”

The minimized form of displaying the time in the NOVA plus Carbon means that it is simply not possible to tell the time to the precise minute. As such, this watch is clearly not the right choice for precision fanatics and those who like to keep track of every second – but is definitely a good option for people ready to adopt a relaxed attitude to time. The NOVA plus Carbon enables its wearer to think in periods of time again rather than always chasing the minutes and seconds. A clear explanation of the one-hand watchprinciple can be found here.

The case design: a symbiosis of design and function

The NOVA plus Carbon case comprises a perfect cylinder in which the strap lags are concealed beneath the dial to save space. Despite its considerable diameter of 44 mm, the NOVA plus Carbon can therefore also be worn on relatively slim wrists.

The sloped sides of the underside of the case allow the wrist much more freedom of movement, while at the same time enabling the air to circulate better. The unusual way in which the underside is designed makes this automatic watch – which at 8.8 mm is already very flat – appear even slimmer.

The dual-domed sapphire glass rounds off the elegant lines of this watch. Anti-reflective coating on both sides gives a much clearer view and adds a refined bluish shimmer to the significantly reduced glass reflections.

Is the NOVA plus Automatic Carbon the right watch for me?

With a 44 mm stainless steel case, the NOVA plus Carbon is one of the three automatic versions in the NOVA series.

With its unconventional display principle, the NOVA plus Carbon one-hand watch is certainly not the ideal watch for precision fanatics and those who like to keep track of every second. However, the NOVA plus Carbon will thus suit you all the better if you are ready to embrace a more expansive attitude to time.

You will have to decide for yourself whether the NOVA plus Carbon from BOTTA design with its minimalist display is in fact the perfect one-hand watch. What is certainly the case is that it makes a clear statement in favour of a more relaxed approach to time.

NOVA plus Automatic Carbon
Botta Uhr

The movement: refined, robust and reliable

BOTTA design has opted to use the ETA 2824.2 Swiss-made automatic movement, which is one of the most reliable mechanical movements available. In addition, the movement of every single NOVA plus Carbon spends several days being carefully adjusted for maximum precision by an experienced watchmaker.

Following manual assembly, every single NOVA plus Carbon one-hand watch then undergoes two independent test routines and several accuracy checks. Only once it has completed all the tests and checks successfully will the NOVA plus Carbon be shipped out to you.

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How to set your watch correctly

Easily comprehensible step-by-step instructions showing how to correctly set your Botta wristwatch can be downloaded here. Depending on the particular functions of your watch, the setting options will differ in some cases considerably. You will always find the instructions for your individual model in the section entitled “How to set your watch correctly”. If you still find you have some questions, please do not hesitate to call us directly.

Print out your own model

You can download a realistic cut-out model of this watch in PDF format here and print it out. You can then cut out the 1:1 paper model and place it on your wrist like a real watch. The model will give you a realistic impression of the size of the watch and how it will look on your wrist. For best results, use a good-quality colour printer and stable glossy paper. Enjoy trying on the “watch”!


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