Our review of 2023

Klaus Botta, 10.01.2024

Last year was a very active year for us and our brand. In this review, we have summarized a few of our key activities for you:

 Watch fairs in 2023

Inhorgenta Munich: In February, we were co-exhibitors at the major watch and jewelry trade fair in the Bavarian metropolis.


WatchWeekend in Frankfurt: In May, we had our second consecutive visit to the Klassikstadt in Frankfurt. Once again with a good response, good customer discussions and with many friends and customers.


WatchWeekend in Munich: In June, we were represented for the first time at this watch exhibition in the Smart Pavilion in the center of Munich. In numerous personal contacts and discussions, we were able to present our brand but also gain a lot of useful customer input.


 WatchTime Düsseldorf: In October, we also exhibited for the second time in the Rheinterrassen. We had many interesting one-to-one discussions with customers, bloggers, journalists and other exhibitors.


The Press Show in Vienna was the most time-consuming trade fair for us this year due to the great distance. Yet we were pleased with the unexpectedly good response in the Austrian capital.


After our five trade fair appearances this year, the impression has grown that our brand and our philosophy are perceived as an enrichment of the watch range:


"The BOTTA brand stands for:
Innovation in the watch market and a confident approach to time."


Our special events 2023 

In March, we hosted the Ebner Verlag "readers' tour". The participants had the unusual opportunity to take a detailed look at the design work and development of our watches. In addition to a short presentation on the creation of the BOTTA brand, there were many illustrations and live demonstrations of the design and manufacturing process of our watches. From hand-drawn sketches to CAD illustrations and 3D designs, from model and prototype construction to pre-production models, everything could be seen and touched.


A community meeting with Florian Bach aka "Flomp" took place in June, which I remember particularly positively. The main reasons for this were the good atmosphere, the summery weather and our subsequent tour of Königstein with a visit to the castle and a stop in the garden of Ristorante Da Toto.


In September, we were invited to a "Lieblings-Treffen" by and with Harry Liebling in Mainz. Community member Frank Nadzeika made his spacious workrooms available to us for the meeting. This event also thrived on the intensive personal exchange between the 40 or so participants.

Our visitor days in Königstein

On each of the four Advent Saturdays, we opened our office exclusively for interested parties and customers. In a positive contrast to the usual Christmas hustle and bustle, our visitors were able to view our watch models at their leisure and in a relaxed, Christmassy atmosphere and also try them on in various versions.

True to our motto: "For a relaxed approach to time".

Once again, the response was extremely positive. One topic was particularly well received: The opportunity to talk to the makers behind the brand in person and without any time or purchasing pressure.

We will implement one of the many suggestions on a trial basis: A regular open Saturday. From February 3, 2024, we will be there for you exclusively on the first Saturday of every month between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. until further notice. In our development office with showroom in Königstein in the Stadtgalerie, Klosterstraße 15 a.

If you are interested, please contact us in advance by telephone or e-mail. We look forward to your visit.

Phone: 06174 961188

Email: info@botta-design.de


TimeZone Podcast and Harry’s "Lieblingstalk"

Botta und Harry Liebling

With his podcast TimeZone, Daniel Rödel has impressively shown that even a two-hour live interview about our brand can find an interested audience. Compliments to the presenter - and the patient listeners. 

In terms of scope, this information marathon was then topped in the fall by Harry Liebling, who expertly moderated my son and me in his life video talk for no less than three hours in his likeable manner. You can find the picture- and word-rich mega-work here.

Despite the enormous length, we really enjoyed the two longest interviews of our careers to date.


Our videos with Mario Lenke

For all those who like to look behind the scenes of the watch world.

Klaus Botta und Mario Lenke

Speaking of information and fun: I particularly enjoy our video sessions with Mario Lenke. We produce videos together at irregular intervals on the topics of "time, watches and design".

We produce videos that present our watch models in detail, but also contributions that shed light on the topics of technology, the future and design.

These videos appear either on our channel or on Mario Lenke's YoutTube channel.

Feel free to take a look. Our topics go well beyond the normal bezel edge.

Link to our videos: Videos to our watch concepts

Links to Mario Lenke‘s YouTube channel: "Are luxury watches sustainable?" or "Can the watch industry still be rescued?"

We once again have a whole range of exciting topics on our list for the upcoming year.


Some new products from the past year


Our "new UNO wall clock", which we have reissued in response to many customer requests. With a new, high-performance manufacturer, who clearly underestimated the complexity of production. After many unexpected obstacles, production of the first small series of 100 pieces is now underway. In any case, we can say that our new wall clock is "Handmade in Germany", just like the first series.



In December, we were able to deliver all pre-ordered UNO 24 Edition-15 models. A limited special edition model that exemplifies the spirit of our brand.


We were also able to present our new, high-quality and easy-to-use watch winder and the equally high-quality and practical watch roll.
Both are available for immediate delivery.


Finally, a brief look at our plans for the upcoming year

  • As announced above, this year we will be holding a trial open Saturday on the first Saturday of every month between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. for all those who would like to try on and try out our watches live.
  • We are planning a larger event with several participants from the region where, in addition to interesting watches, we will also be talking about other topics that make life more beautiful. (Further information via our newsletter)
  • We will continue to produce interesting and informative videos for you that explain our products and provide insights behind the scenes of technology, design and the topic of time.
  • We will continue to advise and support you with a high level of personal commitment. (Not news, but a cherished tradition)
  • In 2024, we will once again be committed to completely satisfied customers and a confident approach to time.
  • And last but not least, we will see which of the ongoing developments in the field of wristwatches we can bring to series production this year.

We will keep you up to date with all the latest news in our newsletter.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the almost invariably very positive and appreciative comments on the Internet and in the many personal conversations.

I wish you a relaxed approach to time,

Yours Klaus Botta 


Klaus Botta



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