The new TRES 24 Quartz 40 mm – 24 hours, 60 minutes and C seconds

Klaus Botta, 03.09.2020

Truly "contemporary" design

We at BOTTA love to give time unusual, but always logical shapes. This is also the case with the 24-hour watch TRES 24, with which time seems to pass only half as fast, because its dial shows the whole day at a glance in a generous manner - and yet is accurate to the minute.

With its 24-hour display principle, the TRES 24 follows the natural course of the sun. Its dial is divided - typical of BOTTA - into a darker half of the night and a lighter half of the day. This alternation of light and dark phases of the day is also decisive for our perception of time. Thus, the TRES 24 stands for a more human display of time.

Unique design for a unique watch

The TRES 24 is a true design highlight. Its colored quadrants provide a strong visual accent and direct the eye to the characteristic two-tone dial. This shows 24 hours on a 360-degree scale, starting at the bottom with the 0 o'clock marker in the dark area. This mark is in the dark because the sun is also below the horizon at that time. The date window is located at the same place and its display jumps as soon as the hour hand crosses the fine date line.

C hand as a second indicator

Another special feature of the TRES 24 is the characteristic second hand, called "C-hand" because of its shape. This hand in the protected design does not have a long neck, but indicates the time by a directed C. As a result, the movement of the hand is optically very smooth, which underlines the relaxed character of the watch. The TRES 24 thus displays the entire 24 hours of a day and can still be read very accurately - from now on also in the compact 40 mm titanium case.

State of the art, also technically

The materials and components of the TRES 24 Quarz 40 mm are as advanced as its design. Its characteristic case is made of the high-tech metal titanium. This noble metal is light and at the same time very robust; it is extremely stable and, due to its typical warm color, also visually appealing. As is typical of BOTTA, the TRES 24 has a double domed and anti-reflective sapphire crystal, which is also particularly scratch-resistant.
The TRES 24 Quartz 40 mm is driven by a Swiss Made quartz movement from the premium manufacturer RONDA. With these high-quality materials, the TRES 24, like all BOTTA watches, is a true quality product Handmade in Germany.

The TRES 24 Quarz 40 mm is available in the color combinations black-yellow, white and as Black Edition.

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