UNO - The Original among the Single-Hand Watches of the Modern Era

Klaus Botta, 01.02.2023

The Origin:

Klaus Botta developed the concept of the UNO, the first single-hand watch of modern times, as early as 1986.

It is the counter-design to the then as now prevailing overstimulation and arbitrariness in the watch market.

The UNO is constructed like a measuring instrument, which displays a measured value on a precise scale with a fine hand. In this case, the displayed value is the current time. In principle, the UNO-typical hour hand can display the time amazingly accurately in conjunction with the 12-hour scale that was specially developed for this concept.

However, the strength of the UNO does not lie in its ability to tell the time to the second, but rather in its intuitive ability to tell the (approximate) time.

In most cases, this is absolutely sufficient. (For special cases, there is, for example, the cell phone, which has become a constant companion).


The UNO single-hand watch has been continuously developed and optimized in the more than 30 years of its existence. Design-wise and technically. 

The first model in a matt chrome-plated brass case with mineral crystal and Swiss Parts quartz movement has become a high-tech model in a stainless steel or Tri-Titanium case with double-domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides and Swiss Made automatic movement. 
In addition to the materiality, the design has also been continuously optimized in detail. The UNO-typical display principle, however, has remained exactly as Klaus Botta designed it at the time.

Minimalist Design, Maximum Ergonomics

Even at first glance, you notice the calmness that the UNO radiates with its integral design. Circular case, no visible lugs, smooth calm surfaces. 

What at first seems like design formalism taken to extremes turns out to be a very sophisticated, ergonomic design. 

First, there are the recessed tape chambers, which make for a surprisingly small lug to lug (tape axis spacing). At 35mm, it's actually 9mm less than the diameter of the watch. This unusual feature ensures that the UNO Automatic looks well proportioned even on slender wrists. 

The two slightly sloped surfaces on the underside of the case not only make the watch look very slim, but also ensure good freedom of movement when angling the wrist. Especially in the titanium version, the UNO is surprisingly light and thus comfortable to wear. Absolutely anti-allergy material.

Durability in Design

The UNO is the original among modern single-hand watches and has become a design classic in the world of watches, but also in the field of personal accessories. Its consistently functional design makes it resistant to aging. 

On the contrary, with its consistently decelerated representation of time, it creates a pleasant antithesis to our increasingly complex and fast-paced environment. It is a symbol of calm and serenity and fits perfectly into our time as a subtle personal statement.

Durability in Concept and Materiality

The UNO models are consistently designed for durability and ease of servicing. 

In addition to the noble and durable components already mentioned above, they are also characterized by good serviceability. Both the top ring and the sapphire crystal case back are screwed, making them easy and safe to open. The selected automatic movement is characterized by accuracy, reliability and serviceability. With regular maintenance, its lifespan is virtually unlimited. Of course, the bracelet can also be easily exchanged or replaced.

A symbol of a Sovereign Lifestyle

The UNO conveys a sovereign and relaxed approach to time like hardly any other watch. It negates the urgent clocking of our mechanized environment and instead orients itself to the human measure of time perception. 

This deceleration radiates not only outwardly to the observer, but also inwardly to the wearer. A look at the UNO always has a calming effect.

The UNO is a Luxury Watch

It stands less for classic material luxury and more for a generous and thus luxurious approach to time. In a very charming way, this makes it a counter-design to the usual status watches.

In fact, the UNO is also a status symbol, but more one for ideal values such as serenity, generosity and an overview.


The Anniversary Model "30 Years UNO"

For the 30th anniversary of the UNO concept, BOTTA released a noble version of the UNO wristwatch. Instead of printed hour markers and numbers, its dial features 12 high-precision, mirror-polished stainless steel appliqués. With the slightly beveled surface, the 12 radially arranged markers point to the stainless steel hand in the center of the dial, which is also highly polished. 

The "30th Anniversary Model" is offered with a pearl silver or pearl black dial. The rotors of this anniversary model are consecutively numbered and laser engraved.

The Anniversary Model "UNO 35 Edition"

For the 35th anniversary, a strikingly colored version of the UNO has been released. A deep red hour hand indicates the time on both the white and black dials. Together with the four red latch seams on the strap, these striking color accents lend it a sporty, active note. A hidden highlight is the anthracite galvanized rotor with laser engraving and the anniversary lettering printed in red.



Technical Data

Diameter 44 mm
8,8 mm


75 g
Automatik, Sellita SW 200 Swiss Made, individually adjusted by hand
Date Yes
Case material
stainless steel
Glass type
double domed sapphire crystal with double scratch resistant anti-reflection coating
Water resistance 5 ATM
finest, vegetable tanned leather wrist strap | metal strap | milanaise strap | rubber strap | sattle leather strap 
Special features The Original
Country of manufacture Germany
Two years, excluding wear parts and improper handling

The UNO single-hand watch has been continuously developed and optimized in the more than 30 years of its existence. Design-wise and technically. 

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