The History behind the iconic UNO 24 Anniversary Edition-15

Klaus Botta, 15.06.2023

The 24-hour single-hand watch UNO 24 has now been on the market for exactly 15 years, but the start of its development dates back more than 25 years.

The first thoughts in the direction of such a system arose already during the turn of the millennium.

At that time, I was thinking about a display concept, which however, could not be represented by a 12-hour display. In order to find an adequate solution, I studied the astrophysical background of the common time display in detail.

It quickly became clear to me that thecommonly established 12-hour model deviates from natural logic and was abstracted to 12 hours - twice a day in favor of a better legibility of the time indicators.

I thought about what a "natural form" of time display might look like.

Here, a 24-hour scale seemed obvious and - in analogy to the sun as the central point of reference. A single hour hand that traces the "apparent course of the sun".

(Background: One day corresponds to one rotation of the earth around its own axis. From the Earth's perspective, however, the sun appears to circle the Earth once during this time).

A hand that circles a 24-hour dial once a day moves exactly according to this logic. The time display of the UNO 24 models can thus be described as sun-synchronous.

The entire design of the UNO 24 is based on this natural phenomenon. After a long development phase with a whole series of different design approaches, numerous preliminary models, functional samples and prototypes, we were finally able to present the first production model of the UNO 24 in 2008.

Its unusual but consistently logical principle inspired many watch fans from the beginning and very quickly became a successful model.

Strictly speaking, the UNO 24 now exemplifies the BOTTA brand with its captivating logic and unconventional design. 

A significant contribution to the unconventional appearance of the watch is made by the dial structure with clearly differentiated day and night halves. In addition, the charm of this remarkable watch model lies above all in the coherent overall appearance, which is also strongly characterizedby the striking architecture of the case.

The outstanding ergonomics of the tri-titanium case, combined with the low system weight and anti-allergic properties of Titanium, make the UNO 24 a very pleasant companion with high „conversytion starter" potential.

Like all watches of the BOTTA brand, the UNO 24 has undergone several stages of evolution in the course of its now 15-year history. For example, the geometry of the dial has been simplified, the quality of all internal parts has been greatly improved, and the scale has been enhanced. However, the watch has remained true to its unique basic principle throughout all stages of development.

Characteristic of the dial graphics of all previous UNO 24 models are the rather muted colors, each accented by a striking signal color.
With our special model, the UNO 24 Edition, we go one step further.

The entire upper half of the dial is finished in a sunny mango orange. This resolute color contrasts beautifully with the very dark "warm gray" of the lower half of the dial.
Thus, the day and night halves of this watch are even more clearly differentiated than in the previous models. The high contrast is reflected by the hour digits in the color of the opposite hemisphere. This stark contrast characterizes this special limited edition.

The mango orange color is repeated once again on the rotor, which is Platinum-Galvanized in a deep gray. The distinctive Edition lettering in the shape of the number "15" integrated into the word Edition. A subtle reference to the 15th anniversary of this model. Another typical BOTTA design element is the exact reproduction of the display scale of the UNO 24. The UNO 24 Edition ships with an upgraded Saddle- or Bio-Leather strap fitted as standard.

All other components correspond precisely to the regular UNO 24 models. Particularly noteworthy here are the elaborate Tri-Titanium case, the double-domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides at the top and the second sapphire crystal on the back of the automatic watch.

The automatic version of the UNO 24 Edition is equipped with the 2893-2 caliber and is available in 40mm and 45mm case diameters. It is limited to a total of 100 pieces. The retail price of the already very well equipped basic version is 2.150,- €.

The quartz version with Swiss Ronda movement is also available in the sizes 40mm and 45mm. Here there is a limitation to 100 pieces each. Here the base price is 670,-€.

What does the UNO 24 say about its wearer? For whom is it the right watch?

With the UNO 24, as with all our watches, one should not think in a rigid manner. Without a doubt, it is a wristwatch that clearly stands out from the monotony of the usual range of watches on the market.

Its display concept is unusual, though coherent and logical at the same time. Thus, it will appeal primarily to people for whom these values are of high importance. People with a strong affinity for nature and/or technology might also find intrest in the values this watch conveys. Just like those who are open to new experiences and at the same time place a high value on sophisticated aesthetics and German quality.

However, I also know from many of our customers that they simply appreciate the very analog and therefore clear way of displaying the time. Also. they enjoy the composure and sovereignty this watch emanates to the wearer.

For some, the material Tri-Titanium with its allergy-free nature or the many deliberate design-details are a major reason for choosing a UNO 24.

Last but not least, the UNO 24 is an ideal communication starter. Anyone who wears this watch can expect to be asked about it frequently. Of course, this is especially true for the striking Edition 15 version with its distinctive mango-colored elements.

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