TRES 24 plus titan

Klaus Botta, 13.11.2019

The TRES 24 with a new face and unique inner values

The TRES 24 is a 24-hour watch with three hands. Naturally, its time display differs from the normal 12-hour display and therefore requires a certain amount of rethinking. The 24-hour display is the logically consistent form of time representation, because a day on our earth has 24 hours and not just 12. But the TRES 24 was and is no ordinary watch and also no ordinary 24-hour watch - with BOTTA the hour hand moves synchronously to the position of the sun. Accordingly, the 12 o'clock position is at the top, the 24 o'clock position (also 0 o'clock position) at the bottom of the dial.

Lots of new features in the current version

For the second generation of the minute-accurate full-day watch, the dial graphics have been made much more calm. Instead of a classic second hand, the TRES 24 now has a second indicator. Like the entire watch, this new form of time display has been registered as a "protected design". And - as the name suggests - the case of the TRES 24 plus titan is now completely made of titanium. Strictly speaking, it is even made of three different titanium alloys in order to optimize both wearing comfort and technical properties. This special case construction is currently only available from BOTTA.

Second indicator replaces second hand

BOTTA has developed the new second indicator for the new TRES 24 plus titan. It consists of a small second disc with an open circle printed on it. The opening replaces the usual second hand.

In favour of a very relaxed display of the progressing time, the display of an ordinary second hand is deliberately omitted.

It is in the nature of this small, slowly rotating "C "s to show practically no movement. Only at a closer look, a progress becomes recognizable. Nevertheless, this display is suitable as a power indicator or for estimating half or quarter minutes. In contrast to a hectically twitching second hand, however, it radiates calm - and thus fits very well into the BOTTA philosophy.

"Even seconds can radiate peace."

Refined titanium in three planes

Titanium is the precious metal among the light metals. It is characterized by extraordinary strength and relatively low weight at the same time, is extremely skin-friendly and antimagnetic. Depending on the type of titanium, one or the other property predominates. The new three-level construction in the housing of the TRES 24 plus titanium combines these properties in an ideal way.

  • The top ring around the sapphire crystal, which is subjected to the most mechanical stress, is made of a particularly hard, resistant special titanium alloy, which is otherwise used primarily in turbine and aircraft construction, where maximum strength is essential.
  • The middle, central housing part consists of a low alloyed titanium grade, a modification of pure titanium with significantly higher strength properties. This type of titanium combines very good biocompatibility with good mechanical properties.
  • The bottom is made of pure titanium. Pure titanium has the best biocompatibility, i.e. skin compatibility of all types of titanium.

This housing construction made of three different materials is elaborate and expensive to implement, but also provides the best wearing characteristics while at the same time high resistance. An example for the extraordinary demands of BOTTA.

Look forward to even lighter, even more durable BOTTA watches!

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