BOTTA and its special watch series - BLACK EDITION

Thomas Pfaff, 06.07.2016

Special watch series at BOTTA: The BLACK EDITION. Many wristwatches by Klaus Botta are also available with a black case. The deep black coloring of the case is achieved by vacuum plasma coating (PVD process) with the ceramic material titanium aluminum nitride. The surfaces of the titanium or stainless steel cases are refined using this process.

The technology originally comes from professional toolmaking. There, high-tech milling cutters are treated with the same process as the housings of the BLACK EDITION series from BOTTA to protect them against wear.

BLACK EDITION: Watches from BOTTA are PVD-coated

The watches are given an even more resistant surface compared to the already very high quality metal cases. On the one hand this results in an optimal protection against scratches and on the other hand in an extremely noble appearance. Of course, all watches of the BLACK EDITION models by BOTTA also have black PVD-coated crowns and wristlet clasps. For all BOTTA models, a rubber strap is also available as an alternative to the leather strap.


  • Botta-Team

    Hallo Herr Ritter,

    die NOVA bieten wir in der Automatik-Ausführung mit 44 mm Durchmesser an. Hier ein Link zu der NOVA Black Edition:

    Viele Grüße
    Ihr Botta-Team

  • Peter Ritter

    Guten Morgen,
    ich suche verzweifelt nach der Botta “NOVA” in der Größe 45 mm Durchmesser.
    Gibt es diese nicht mehr, oder ist sie nur vorübergehend nicht verfügbar?

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