Our CLAVIUS has won the international design award "Focus Open Silver" 2021

Klaus Botta, 28.05.2021

Futuristic automatic watch awarded for high design quality

Every year, the Design Center Baden-Württemberg awards its international design prize "Focus Open" to products with outstanding design.BOTTA also belongs to the select circle of award winners in 2021.Our CLAVIUS received the second highest award, the"Focus Open Silver" Award, in the Lifestyle & Accessories category. 

The CLAVIUS surprises above all with its extraordinary concept. It combines digital aesthetics with analog precision mechanics.

Phosphorescent hand tips float above the watch's dark dial. 

The hand necks and centers are concealed by a dark central disc. This creates the impression that the hands are orbiting their centers on ring-shaped orbits. The second hand can be seen every second through fine recesses in the central disk, only to disappear again. The impression is created that the hand fades in and out by the second. At the 3 o'clock position, the BOTTA logo appears in the same way for about 3 seconds. Behind the "digital appearance" of the CLAVIUS, proven analog precision mechanics are at work. The watch is powered by a Swiss automatic movement from the premium manufacturers ETA or Sellita. Its ergonomically optimized case is made of high-quality surgical steel. 

Our CLAVIUS is aimed at people with a penchant for the extraordinary and thus fits seamlessly into our portfolio. We traditionally focus on special display principles paired with minimalist design in our watches. We have been pursuing this philosophy since the development of thefirst modern UNO in 1986. 

The award for the CLAVIUS is our 66th international design award. 

All Focus Open 2021 award-winning products will be ondisplay from October 8, 2021 at MIK, the "Museum - Information -Kunst" in Ludwigburg, the home of the Baden-Württemberg Design Center.

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