UNO Anniversary watch: The timeless modern classic turns 30

Klaus Botta, 04.11.2016

BOTTA: UNO special edition with strictly limited model

In the beginning there is always an idea: In 1986 Klaus Botta, founder and owner of BOTTA, designed and developed his original, the UNO. Since then, the UNO has been serving a central need of our time as the first one-hand watch of modern times: with each day that the world becomes faster, more complicated and more confusing, this wristwatch makes a more impressive statement for deceleration, simplification and sovereignty - and thus becomes ever more contemporary.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the modern one-hand watch, BOTTA presents the noble new interpretation of the multiple award-winning classic UNO. The UNO anniversary watch will be released as a special edition with a strictly limited automatic model and in two noble quartz versions: The anniversary models combine timelessly modern design with particularly high-quality features. Each watch is handcrafted in southern Germany.

BOTTA UNO 30 Anniversary watch: High quality down to the smallest detail

To mark the anniversary, the pioneer of the one-handed watch is presenting itself with a slightly reworked case and a much more elaborate galvanized dial. Especially for the UNO Anniversary watch, the dial appears in pearl white and pearl black and is equipped with high-precision, shiny milled appliqués and a corresponding hand. The discreetly reflecting hour markers and the hand set a well-dosed accent to the silk-matt dial. The platinum-colored minute graduation corresponds exactly to the original UNO design.

Ultra-hard, double-domed sapphire crystal with scratch-resistant anti-reflective coating on both sides and extremely precise Swiss movements make the watches long-lasting and reliable companions. The special edition is available in a strictly limited automatic and quartz version. The automatic model is limited to just 100 pieces, making it a coveted collector's item: each UNO Anniversary watch is an exquisite one-off with a hand-signed certificate from designer Klaus Botta. On the rotor of the UNO Anniversary watch there is a special engraving with the model number, which can be individually selected by the customer. This makes every UNO Anniversary Automatic unique.

In addition to the automatic version in stainless steel with a diameter of 44 mm, the anniversary edition is also available as quartz versions in titanium with a diameter of 40 mm and in stainless steel with a diameter of 44 mm. For all models, customers can choose between a pearl-white and a pearl-black dial as well as different strap variations: Available are a handmade, dark grey full cowhide leather strap, a noble rubber strap, a smooth black calf nappa strap, a stainless steel link strap and an elegant Milanese strap.

The original of the one-hand watches, the UNO: often copied, never equalled

Reduction to the essentials: In 1986, BOTTA developed the principle of the UNO. As the first wristwatch of the modern era with only one hand, it is a plea for style and sophistication. Its function is as simple as it is revolutionary: thanks to the one-hand principle, the wearer captures the time intuitively and faster than with any other watch. The reason for this lies in the fundamental simplification of the time display. Thanks to this unique functionality, the one-hand watch helps to recognize the true value of time. The concept of countering the dictation of the minute hand with the idea of deceleration inspires customers today more than ever.

More than 60 national and international design awards testify to its success. Examples of the pioneering watch models can be found in design museums. Over the past decades, numerous other brands have tried to copy BOTTA's successful one-hand principle. However, the original remains unrivalled.

The timeless BOTTA watches stand for the highest standards of materials, workmanship and design. The unique models convince through classic values such as quality, individuality and originality, as well as through their timeless, modern, minimalist aesthetics. The focus is always on the high functionality and the permanent development of the watches. Highest quality Made in Germany, the perfect combination of form, function and symbolism, permanent innovations and personal customer service are the decisive prerequisites for BOTTA to ensure that customers enjoy their single-hand watches for a very long time.

30 years of pioneering spirit, innovation and lasting value: The UNO Anniversary watch marks the climax of an evolution

The UNO special edition also follows this tradition: The Anniversary watch combines the pioneering spirit and originality of BOTTA's origins with 30 years of consistent technical development and design innovation. Like no other model before it, the UNO Anniversary model, as the culmination of an evolution, is an expression of value and individuality.

The UNO anniversary watch is designed for people who appreciate true values and who organize their valuable time autonomously and consciously. This approach is more contemporary and modern than ever before in our fast-moving and closely synchronized meritocracy. The wearers of the UNO Anniversary watch send an extravagant and uncompromising statement: Our world is becoming faster, more complicated and more confusing. In this world, UNO one-handed watches allow you to reduce yourself to the truly essential.

The UNO Anniversary Edition is the premium version of a 30-year success story and includes the most elegant and valuable UNO models that BOTTA has ever developed.

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